[thelist] Solved More details Dynamically creating and saving Flash

Scott Wolpow scott at wolpow.com
Sun Apr 24 03:15:18 CDT 2005

I found a solution. I was using the actionscript for user input, but I 
needed one variable to be controlled by me. This was for the style number. 
The purpose was for finding different variation of the same style rings my 
eBay store.
The user choices (metal type, width etc) are in the actionscript.
You need to pass the var in both the param and the embed urls to the swf file.

<tip author="Scott Wolpow" type="ActionScript Flash">
PARAM NAME=movie VALUE="delivery_final_scott_passer.swf?IJS=Scott
EMBED src="delivery_final_scott_passer.swf?IJS=Scott"

In this case I include the var IJS only in the construction of the URL
All other vars are user selected.

This should be in my new pages within a few days.
Scott Wolpow

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