[thelist] MySQL to PostgreSQL Conversion

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Mon Apr 25 17:58:29 CDT 2005

My first guess would be the bit that says "ENGINE=InnoDB". InnoDB is an 
sql engine specific to MySql. As far as I know Postgres doesn't have 
InnoDB as an engine option. So try removing that bit and see what 
Postgres has to say.


Warren Murray wrote:
> What's wrong with this SQL Statement in the my conversion from MySQL to 
> PostgreSQL?
> DROP TABLE "tblattachment";
> CREATE TABLE "tblattachment" (
>  "A_ID" varchar(38) NOT NULL default '',
>  "A_Parent" varchar(38) NOT NULL default '',
>  "A_Classification" INT4 default '0',
>  "A_Releasability" varchar(65) default NULL,
>  "A_Type" varchar(65) default NULL,
>  "A_Name" varchar(65) NOT NULL default '',
>  "A_Description" varchar(255) default NULL,
>  "A_Content" longblob,
>  "A_Owner" varchar(38) NOT NULL default '',
>  "A_DateUpdated" datetime default NULL,
>  CREATE INDEX "A_Parent" ON TABLE ("A_Parent")
> It fails with this error: "ERROR:  syntax error at or near "CREATE" at 
> character 509";
> Thanks!
> Warren

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