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Mon Apr 25 21:20:34 CDT 2005

	Er... Actually, I *did* mean update.  I was proposing an
approach whereby he would build an update query (in a loop, on the fly)
for each table, rather than making a giant 15,000-character union query
that merely selects the values and still requires someone to manually
update the tables in question.

	And just for the record -- although perhaps, as Brian suggested,
I just don't get it -- this database design still doesn't seem like the
best approach.  I'm waiting for Ken Schaefer to either back me up or
slam dunk me here, since I'm sure he's just about past his morning
emails by now :)



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> Perhaps I need some sample data to get this together a little
> better.  I don't think anyone is really grasping what i'm 
> dealing with.

If that ain't a conversation ender, I'm not sure what is.  :-)

Regardless, you'll still want a UNION, and you may want to look at
creating the SQL for the UNION dynamically within a stored procedure,
just as myself and Peter (except he accidentally used the word UPDATE
instead of UNION) have suggested.

Assuming you are describing your problem correctly, this will work, and
may be the single easiest way to accomplish this task.

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