[thelist] opinions on CMS solutions

Jan Brasna discuss at alphanumeric.cz
Tue Apr 26 15:41:15 CDT 2005

> There are also a number of *really* bad options available in PHP.  What's
> your point?

That's sure.

> My point, which you seem to have lost, was that it's not necessary to use
> something other than the application-server you're already familiar
> with/have available/invested in/etc.

I'd agree, however I was once trying to find a good OS content and 
community management software for ASP.NET, but was unable to find a good 
one, so this was just my $0.02 to CMS on ASP platform, nothing more.

> I've seen numerous projects that would require investments in excess of $20k

That's sure too. But I think the specs posted by Mike Pouncy do not fall 
under this case.

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