[thelist] opinions on CMS solutions (extended)

pouncyisdead pouncy_1 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 26 17:09:31 CDT 2005

On the subject of changing scripting languages:
We've sadly made such a large investment in ASP that it would take us about
6 months of recoding our ASP pages to PHP, just to catch up to where we
currently are in our development plan.

I will keep drupal and zope in mind if I begin a new project that is not
heavily invested in M$ products. 

Mike Pouncy [Technical Supervisor] 
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From: pouncyisdead 
Subject: opinions on CMS solutions

I know that this is a commonly asked question, but, do any of you have a
recommendation for a low-cost, xhtml-valid, content management system? My
small company is looking for a CMS that includes support for versioning, and

About us: we are a sports information group with 4 medium sites running on a
single windows 2003 server. We've looked into Vignette, Cm3, Documentum and
Acuity, but were unhappy with the total costs. Sadly, must of the free
offerings (DotNetNuke, Rainbow) didn't seem robust enough for the constant
updates and reports that we do each day.

Mike Pouncy [Technical Supervisor] 
[WEB]-[http://fpbe.com] [MSN]-[pouncy_1 at hotmail.com]

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