[thelist] Password-Protect Downloadable Excel Files

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Apr 26 19:31:37 CDT 2005

Is this actually an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV (Comma Separated Value)

The former is a proprietary binary format which you can use the native
password functionality (for example you could use Office Automation and the
Excel objects to set this, or the Jet OLEDB Provider I believe can
create/alter Excel spreadsheets and you'd be able to set a password that

The latter is just a text file with values separated with commas, and records
separated with line breaks. There is no "password" functionality that comes
inbuilt with text files.



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: Subject: [thelist] Password-Protect Downloadable Excel Files
: Hi All:
: I'm making available an Excel file for download (using .asp).  This file
: is
: queried from an Access Database.
: I'm familiar with
: <% Response.ContentType = "application/csv" %>
: <% Response.AddHeader "Content-Disposition",
: "attachment;filename=nameoffile.csv" %>
: Question: Anyone know how to enable this password-protected by default?  I
: need to have it require a password to open.
: Thanks in advance for any help you could provide.
: Sincerely,
: Christopher Lee
: www.rikter.com
: E-Mail: support at rikter.com

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