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Yep, especially find as you type can be used to enhance many searches!
I'm curious about that, can you use the readyState property as a progressindicator that goes from 0 to 4 in an even pace? That is, can you, for example, display an image with the width dictated by the readyState, something like 
<img src="progressbar.gif" width="xmlhttpObject.readyState * 20" /> (pseudo code)
and get a more or less accurate progressbar out of that, or is it not possible (to jumpy timing, values don't go from 0 to 4, etc)?

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>Although the clients will be *ahem* forced (well we have reasons) to
>use MSIE, I prefer something cross-browser.
As Volkan will see when he visits it, the technique described in that 
article *is* cross-browser compatible; it's a great article that unlocks 
the technique used in "Ajax" applications like Google Maps and Google 
Suggest; using a JavaScript method called XMLHttpRequest to send data to 
and query data from server side apps without reloading the whole page.

The data returned doesn't have to be XML, apparently, but can be any 
text string.

It's going to be one of those epoch-making articles, I think, like Paul 
Souden's Style switcher piece in alistapart. I'm still reeling from the 
possibilities and from how easy it looks.



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