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Stuart Young syoung at unitec.ac.nz
Wed Apr 27 19:59:07 CDT 2005

Of course every business should have a blog, as Zeldman quotes
The question isn't, "Should your business have a blog?" Of course
your business should have a blog. The much more interesting question is,
"Should your blog have a business?"

Blogs are really good for SEO that's the main thing. Doesn't matter if
no-one but the client ever reads it, google will be watching. Also,
blogs are good for public relations in numerous ways on numerous

I'm also convinced that product update news should be published in blog
format - people will move to receiving this via RSS rather than email

Blogs are also being extensively used in education for student personal
reflective diaries. 


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>>> headlemur at lemurzone.com 23/04/2005 03:56:49 >>>
Over the last few days a number of you have indicated that business is

getting better. This is of course great news.

Of this web work, are there any of you that are being approached about

setting up blogs(weblogs) for clients?

Are there any of you that are using blogs as your front door or as an 
adjunct to your web business?

Is it working?

alan herrell - the head lemur


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