[thelist] Re: [WD]: Search on site??

Jason Sweeney jason at designshift.com
Wed May 4 07:48:11 CDT 2005

The ads on Atomz are not always the most tasteful, from my personal 

I manage a webiste at a university and was using Atomz, from the time 
when it only required a small Atomz logo on the search page. When they 
announced that they would begin to include advertisments, I knew we 
would have to change, but was told that it was not crucial and should 
not make it my highest priority.

We then discovered that some of the ads being listed with our search 
results were for thesis-writing services. Not really the best image for 
the university to be presenting.

Suddenly, switching the search implementation became a much higher 
priority. :-)

jason sweeney

Bob Haroche wrote:
> If you can do DW, you can do Atomz.com, a very good cut and paste, free 
> but (tastefully) ad supported search service.
> There are also tons of free and cheap cgi scripts already written you 
> can install. You'd have to learn how to work with the server (it's still 
> not programming, but it's not wysiwyg either).

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