[thelist] still images to a movie in flash

Dan McCullough dan.mccullough at gmail.com
Mon May 9 11:57:28 CDT 2005

Doing about a 3 minute "inspirational" movie, mostly with still images
and music.  I pretty much have settled on Flash as the creation
software since it offers the most in terms of flexibilty with the
creative presentation.

There are some question since this is not something I have done before
and it is definatly not something I know a lot about.

Does anyone have other software suggestions?  PowerPoint has been
squashed, we not going to even consider PowerPoint.
This will be shown in an auditorium so does anyone have gotchas or
comments about using Flash for presenting in a large room, knowing
that most of the display will be about the projection equiptment, but
is there a good resolution to create the movie in, or canvas size?
Any other thoughts or comments?

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