[thelist] AdWords vs. BrightAds vs. ???

Dan Romanchik dan at danromanchik.com
Mon May 9 14:17:50 CDT 2005

On several sites recently--at the behest of the client--I 
have posted Kanoodle BrightAds instead of Google AdWords. I 
also just included them on one of my own sites, KB6NU.Com.

Unfortunately, it looks as thought the BrightAds are a lot 
less relevant to the content of the page they appear on than 
are Google AdWords. For example, KB6NU.Com is my amateur 
radio blog. I guess Kanoodle equates radio to music because 
all three BrightAds are music-related ads. None of them have 
anything to do with amateur radio.

I guess there could be several reasons for this:

1. The Kanoodle algorithm for selecting ads is whacked.
2. Kanoodle has a much smaller pool of ads to choose from, 
and these actually are the most relevant in their pool.
3. Kanoodle figures that they're going to make more money 
from these ads than from ads actually related to amateur radio.

So, now the questions:

1. Do any of you have experience with BrightAds?
2. Are you getting similar results?
3. Is there a third option for these kinds of ads?


Dan Romanchik, Freelance Web Developer
734-930-6564, dan at danromanchik.com

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