[thelist] Simple table question...

Jonathan Dillon jdillon at boehm-ritter.com
Mon May 9 20:07:27 CDT 2005

> You need to answer the following question. Given the following data, what
should be returned by your query?
> joe at blow.com Joe Blow 555-555-5555
> joe at blow.com Joe Blow 555-555-5556

This actually finally clicked.

Look, in relation to the question of proper architecture, this is a really
bad table.  BAD table no donut.  Didn't architect, can't change, as a lot of
recurring transactions come off this table.

Soooo... I'm screwed.  I've never worked on a db with this kind of flat
architecture before (which is probably why I've never seen this).  It's
retarded, like I said. ;-)

Thanks for taking the time to explain.


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