[thelist] Print job not going quite right

Dan CRACIUN dcsquare at myrealbox.com
Tue May 10 01:50:51 CDT 2005

Justin Zachan Mgmt wrote:

>Hey there. We have designed a brochure which we organised/managed the offset
>printing for the client. The job was a lot bigger type of job than we
>normally give to our printer.
>The end result has a number of faults, which are not acceptable (in my
>view). The print job is passable but what I thought would be a portfolio
>piece is now something I would not want to show to anyone.
>Due to the tight timeframes/deadlines my client has had to accept the final
>product i.e. no time for a reprint. The printers have really tried to sneak
>this by without any honesty i.e. "don't tell the client and hopefully she
>won't notice." Not our approach to business.
>Our work agreement does not have any specific penalty clauses
>(unfortunately), but I think the printer should offer compensation (that I
>can pass on to the client) for a pretty poor job on the quality control
>front. I would have demanded a reprint if time allowed.
>So I guess the questions are;
>-How should I handle this?
>-What should I expect from the printer?
>-Are we legally allowed to withhold some of the payment?
Unfortunately this type of situation do occur. The best approach is to 
not work on a very tight deadline, but that's not allways possible.
Here's how I work with the printers: I allways ask for a matchprint and 
state in the contract that if the end result does not accurately match 
that the whole order will be refused. This usually makes the printer 
very carefull about the quality.
As a side note, people that work in the printer's night shift are 
usually "don't drink and drive" walking ads (at least in my experience) 
so if you're unlucky enough to have your order printed on someone's 
birthday then you're in for big surprises.
If you accepted the order, even faulty (as you said you did) then 
legally you have to pay your printer. But you can delay that payment due 
to "reasonable causes", or better pay in small amounts over the next 6-8 
months. That and refusing to work with them again is the only legal way 
I know.


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