[thelist] Accessible PDF, accessible Flash

Jan Brasna discuss at alphanumeric.cz
Wed May 11 06:43:53 CDT 2005

> Anybody has produced accessible PDF files? How much more do they
> weigh? Is it easy?
> (insert here any other info worth mentioning)

Yep, it is possible, eg. when dislilling win PDFMaker from Word and 
using semantics (= headings, list etc.). The whole process is described 
in book "Tvorime pristupne stranky" (Creating of accessible web sites) 
by Czech accesibility expert, David Spinar. Well, it's only in Czech ;) 
There's a summary of the creating here 
<http://pristupnost.nawebu.cz/weblog/blogpost.php?post=77> with two 
links to English sources.

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