[thelist] Survey package needed

Stephanie Leary s-leary at tamu.edu
Wed May 11 13:25:29 CDT 2005

Sam Carter wrote:
> Thanks for the responses. I should have mentioned that I am looking 
> for something that'll run on a Windows 2003 server. SQL 2000 preferred 
> as the DB.
> SurveyMonkey's website lists a lot of comptetitors. Usually a good 
> thing when they'll tell you who the competitors are. We want to host 
> the package ourselves however, so Surveymonkey.com is out.

That's a shame, because it really is the best one I've used. The only 
other one I was really happy with was Opinio, which I think fits your 
requirements but is a bit more expensive:

Stephanie Leary
Web Communications Specialist
TAMUS Health Science Center

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