[thelist] Getting a song to play across several pages

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Thu May 12 06:44:23 CDT 2005

> Does anybody know the best way to get a song to start playing when a
> user visits a website?  I'd like it to play for as long as they're on
> the site.  I was going to do it in a Flash movie, and incorporate a
> blessed off switch in that, but I think that if I do that it'll restart
> every time the page is changed, right?  Do I need to use a frame or
> something?

Yes, you'll need to play the song in a frame if you want to load other
documents. If you create the whole site in flash, you won't need it.

You can also play the song in the main document and load the
subsequential pages into an iframe.

> (Personally I think music automatically playing on websites is a
> terrible idea, but hey, it's not *my* website.)

Full ACK, you'll be the one who implemented it though.

Chris Heilmann 
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