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Mike Carlson mike at mcarlson.net
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Sorry, I forgot to mention that I know how to concatenate, its the looking
of the string in another set of strings that I am having a problem with. I
will need to search through a list of a couple hundred possible options to
see if it matches what the user entered in the 3 drop downs.


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> Howdy!
> I have 3 drop down menus and each item in the menu is assigned a number.
> After the user selects an option in each of the 3 drop downs, I need 
> to concatenate those together and then compare that string to a list 
> of 3 digit strings to see if there is a match in the list. If there 
> isn't, bark at them, if there is submit the form.
> I am a newb in JS so I am looking at advice or examples that can help 
> me out.

You get the current value of a select by checking its options, specifically
the selectedIndex one.

So if your selects are
<select id="se1" name="se1">
<select id="se2" name="se2">
<select id="se2" name="se2">
you concatenate by 

var s1=document.getElementById('se1');
var s2=document.getElementById('se2');
var s3=document.getElementById('se3');

then you compare con to your list and allow the form to be sent if there is
a value matching it.

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