[thelist] Survey package needed

Jewel Mlnarik jewel at mlnarik.com
Thu May 12 16:12:30 CDT 2005

Sam Carter wrote:
> I'm looking for a "less than a few hundred dollars" web package
> that'll do surveys.  I need to type in the questions/answers (build
> the survey), give a URL to the customer and provide reports on the
> results later on.
> I've tried one package that fit this bill which will remain nameless,
> and found it full of problems without support.

Juha Suni wrote:
> I'd be very interested in hearing what you choose in the end. Knowing the 
> competition and the pros/cons of them is always going to help. From what 
> I've heard the biggest issues are usually with usability and the learning 
> curve, visual appearance and the amount of time and learning needed to 
> really create the survey.

> We are currently aiming at a "ready survey in 30-60 minutes" schedule for 
> new users, and from the first tests it seems like we can keep that. Of 
> course its always balancing between features and simple effectiveness at 
> some point.

I've used PHP Questionnaire a few times and love it.  The first time it took
me all of 15 minutes to install, another 15 minutes to set up my survey and
another 30 minutes to create a custom template.  Base price is $200 but it's
worth it, and you get a yr of free upgrades and support.  Hope this helps
you as it really helped me!  (I can even export results into nicely
formatted Excel files, which my client loves.)  http://www.chumpsoft.com

~ jewel

jewel mlnarik
jewel at mlnarik.com

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