[thelist] Unsubscribe procedure (not from this list!)

Jay Blanchard jay.blanchard at niicommunications.com
Thu May 12 09:25:48 CDT 2005

I've created a simple PHP script that allows users to subscribe and
unsubscribe from a mailing list using a web interface.

This is all good, but I've been wondering today how would I go about
implementing the functionality to allow a user to be
subscribed/unsubscribed from a mailing list using either the subject
or body of an email address?

I've used PHP's imap functions to read in messages from a particular
mailbox before, but implementing this as a solution would mean having
a cron job set up to periodically check the mailbox.

Are there other ways of acheiving the same goal?

Zend has several things that may help you here

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