[thelist] issues with pull down menu form

Bruce Gilbert webguync at gmail.com
Fri May 13 11:25:11 CDT 2005

In my pull down menu (or jump menu as it's called in Dreamweaver), I
am having a problem with my submit button alligning too far to the
right of the form. I want it right next to the form, but when I take
out the align="right", the submit button appears to the left of the
form...any suggestions?

here is the code:

<form action="" onSubmit="return jumpMenu(this.Forms)" >
			  <input name="Go" type="image"
src="/assets/images/submitbutton-small.gif" alt="Go to URL"
align="right" width="30" height="15" class="button" />
                <select name="Forms" title="Select a Form">
                  <option class="selection">Forms...</option>
                  <option value="/files/pdfs/Web_Request_Form.pdf">Web
Submission Form</option>
    <option value="/files/pdfs/InfoReq.pdf">Public Information Request


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