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Don Makoviney don at makovision.com
Fri May 13 14:33:00 CDT 2005

In the past I know people had problems with WebHost4Life, but they have
since made a lot of improvements. I even call them on the phone for support
from time to time and they pick up the phone quickly.

I currently use WebHost4Life for many of my sites and many of my customer
sites. I like them because they (1) offer lots of space and unlimited
bandwidth, (2) allow me to host domains on subfolders of my main account
(and even provide POP & web email accounts at the new domain) for only
$15/yr per domain, and (3) they are still pretty low priced.

They meet most all of the criteria you mentioned below except total space. I
currently have 6 very active sites running off one $9.95/month account
(which includes www.makovision.com/  and other high-traffic sites ) and have
been unable to fill up my disk space so far.

I have been with them for almost 4 years and they only had one severe outage
- which was about a year ago, and it was a regional backbone issue out of
their control, and they since then added more redundancy which should even
alleviate that problem.

They are also set up with PERL correctly on their Windows servers so that
you can even install Movable Type easily. I am running movable type on
WebHost4Life at www.ilivemusic.com/ 

NOTE: I do not work for or have any vested interest in WebHost4Life. But if
you want to reimburse me for my recommendation you can sign up using my
member ID: (ka-ching!) 

Hope that helps and doesn't sound too much like a commercial.

Don Makoviney
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Greetings, all.

Once again, I am considering switching web hosts.  Would appreciate
recommendations, from professional experience.  As this is somewhat OT, feel
free to email directly: newsgroups at no-pun.com.

Basics that I would like:
1. Shared space okay
2. Host multiple domains (at least 10) -- need not have separate control 
3. Min. total 1,500 - 2,000 MB of disk space
4. Windows server -- able to run ASP, ASP.net, Access, SQL Server; optional
Cold Fusion (future)
5. ASP components (at least ASPUpload, ASPMail, perhaps ASPImage); SSI
6. Able to set custom mail filters  (IF...THEN to control incoming mail)
7. Shared SSL
8. Less than $55 month (what I currently pay).
9. Bandwidth ???  (low-traffic sites)
10. Access to raw logs or site stats
11. Pop3, IMAP(?), and webmail Email
12. Responsive tech. support

I just want one big chunk of space, with flexibility, to host all of my 
websites.  Ideally, log in to only one control panel to maintain/modify all.

HostGator.com, Omnis.com, etc. all look good, but are they?  I've been stung

before (TBHost).

Thank you!

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