[thelist] Print job not going quite right

Dave Williamson dw at ainscough.net
Sat May 14 10:34:35 CDT 2005

Hi Justin

I've just had a similar situation occur at work this week. I'm in the
fortunate position of not being up against a deadline so have refused to pay
the printer's invoice until the job has been corrected.

It's unfortunate that you've had to accept the job because of your
deadlines. I'd give the printers an opportunity to put things right say by,
if it's appropriate, making corrections or reprinting or by giving you a
reduction. If they don't, I'd tell them I was withholding part of their
final invoice. Not having penalty clauses shouldn't matter as you should
have a right to work of an acceptable standard.

Have you said anything to the client about the job? If you haven't, have you
consider telling them about the problem before they find out for themselves?
Being honest and upfront is likely to help you keep them


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Hey there. We have designed a brochure which we organised/managed the offset
printing for the client. The job was a lot bigger type of job than we
normally give to our printer.

The end result has a number of faults, which are not acceptable (in my
view). The print job is passable but what I thought would be a portfolio
piece is now something I would not want to show to anyone.

Due to the tight timeframes/deadlines my client has had to accept the final
product i.e. no time for a reprint. The printers have really tried to sneak
this by without any honesty i.e. "don't tell the client and hopefully she
won't notice." Not our approach to business.

Our work agreement does not have any specific penalty clauses
(unfortunately), but I think the printer should offer compensation (that I
can pass on to the client) for a pretty poor job on the quality control
front. I would have demanded a reprint if time allowed.

So I guess the questions are;
-How should I handle this?
-What should I expect from the printer?
-Are we legally allowed to withhold some of the payment?

I will not use this printer again (been using them for 2 years), but I want
to do everything possible to hopefully keep our biggest client.

Any help would be appreciated.




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