[thelist] registra to transfer a .co.uk domain to

Getafixx getafixx at getafixx.com
Mon May 16 11:04:54 CDT 2005


I am looking for a registra to transfer a .co.uk domain to where I can 
change the DNS settings, and NOT be charged through the noise for for 
this "service".. (from £20-£50)

I think that if the charge included a new year of registration then that 
would be OK too, but frankly adding a domain should only take 5 mins.... 
(shouldn't it)

Any ideas as I have had enough of trying to find one..

Is it only me that seams to think that the UK domain registration is a 
complete racket, and most of the companies charge you huge fees, and 
give you nothing in terms of service. SO many companies DO NOT offer the 
ability to change the DNS settings. Why can this be done for the other 
TLDs and not .co.uk or is in nominet "helping" us?

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