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Val Paliy valeriypaliy at yandex.ru
Wed May 18 05:20:18 CDT 2005

Jeroen --

Try searching the Mozilla web site. Its most popular browser, Firefox,
uses  extensions  to  expand  its  default capabilities, and somewhere
there  might  be  a  screen  reading  extension  (plug-in). Firefox is
OpenSource, and so are most of its extensions, so if you find one that
reads  text,  and  as long as you give its author(s) a credit, you can
use parts of their code maybe?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005, 10:01:11 AM, you wrote:

>> Maybe Flash would be your best bet?
>> Not sure if there's anything that would actually read the text and links
>> to viewers, as this is usually the functiuon of screen reader software
>> which blind people use to surf the web.
>> I've been to a few sites with Flash voiceovers which offer you the ability
>> to listen to the presentation rather than read it......

JW> Well there is something 
JW> ...http://www.speaksforitself.com/speaksforitself/index.asp?UID=181665862268
JW> I have installed it... with 2 Dutch L&H ( r.i.p) voices and well it is not
JW> the worse but not any better than  years ago
JW> when i was hooking up my chatbot to something like that...

JW> Maybe some apps like this? In Flash?  An example site maybe?

JW> I also investigated on using MS Agent but well.... let's forget about that
JW> one.

JW> Jeroen

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