[thelist] Looking for Brainstorming partners!!

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Wed May 18 12:00:24 CDT 2005


I'm working on a project that's a hybrid between 'HotOrNot.com' and 'Yahoo
Groups'. I need to find a few seriously good people who can do the
look/feel/layout design function for brainstorming.

The goal of the app is to allow content owners to submite video clips for
review by the users. The content owner gets to communicate with the users by
creating/managing various 'fan clubs'/groups. The app has to be
simple/smooth and at the same time, provide the required functionality, with
the right look/feel.

Basically, I have a broad mockup, but I want to refine what I have, so it
can be implemented. If you're interested in either helping, or perhaps being
a part of what we're doing, we'd like to talk with you.


bedouglas at earthlink.net

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