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Chris Hayes chris at lwcdial.net
Wed May 18 18:11:09 CDT 2005

Hi Jeroen

This is a very big design project to get to work effectively.  If you've 
designed a very accessible site you've done as much as you realistcally can 
and it's best to leave the speech to the user's own preference.

Why speech?  If it's for poorly sighted users they're going to need a lot 
more than text-to-speech to be able to use the site.  If they cannot read 
well you're going to have be very clever with your design

This is tough enough in Enlgish.  Dutch?  Good luck. I can't even find a 
decent (any) translator to English.  The problem is you dutch folk are far 
too fluent in English, there's no great need to develop anything in Dutch. 
No offence.  It will happen sometime but the need has to be there.

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> Hi
> I might have a new customer for a big website with chat system.
> The audience is above average age.. far above average age, people not all 
> really familiar with the internet at all...
> alltough they seem to surf a bit .
> Navigation and so on must stay clear, simple and the same site-wide.
> We also going ot add simple ways to adjust font size settings .. maybe 
> even background color settings...
> But now.. it would be even better if it was possible to add speech output 
> to the website.
> The links and text are spoken to the visitor.
> I know of one plugin but well maybe some of you know more about his.
> I say plugin for i do not think they will have the money to invest in a 
> private server and so do a serverside thing.....
> but any suggestion that are server based are welcome too offcourse!
> If it is a plugin thing it would be great if it would work with both 
> Windows and mac at least... and finally:
> the speech output will be in Dutch.
> Thanks a lot!
> Jeroen
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