[thelist] Illegal domain name on an intranet?

Edwin Martin edwin at bitstorm.org
Thu May 19 02:46:05 CDT 2005

Dominick Cancilla wrote:
> I don't run a server so I haven't a clue about this, but is it possible to
> set up an intranet so that it will serve a domain with an illegal domain
> name? For example, x.net? I assume the answer is no, but I hope to find out
> I'm wrong.
> I'm asking because I'm a communications consultant and we have a client who
> would like to run an in-company benefits program using an extremely short
> domain name and it would be cool if we could get around the
> three-letter-prefix barrier.

It's easy to do *and* there is a legal way.

For internal (non-Internet) use, you can use a couple of reserved TLD's.

"The country codes AA, QM-QZ, XA-XZ and ZZ are reserved by ISO 3166 as
user-assigned codes."

So, for example, x.xx and x.zz are free to use.

Edwin Martin


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