[thelist] Looking for simple way to get JS statistics from myvisitors.

Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Thu May 19 18:50:00 CDT 2005

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> I'm trying to find out what percentage of my users browse with JS
> enabled or disabled.
> Here is an idea I had.


Here's another thought for you.  Let's say that you had a particular section
of the site that REQUIRED JavaScript for one reason or another.  You could
immediately detect the presence of JS by sending them to a page with a meta
redirect of 1 second and an immediate javascript redirect to the actual page
of the section.

If they end up at the meta redirect page, then they need to be prompted to
enable JS.  If they end up on the real page via the javascript redirect,
then you know for sure that they are ready to use the section.

This idea is a "well, duh" sort of concept, but it may be useful to you.

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