[thelist] Looking for simple way to get JS statistics from myvisitors.

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Sat May 21 17:40:55 CDT 2005

Alright, I am tired of this, let's wrap up the different ideas:

- Internet content is a luxury item in some countries as Marc
correctly reminded us.
- You as the developer develop the content, and you have the freedom
to do anything you want to with it- even block people from it.
- You will have to face the consequences though - which can range from
annoying some people to getting sued, depending what you offer, how
and where

I am sorry if I annoyed anyone here or gave an impression of forcing
beliefs onto people. I just see it pragmatically - as web developers
we have a chance to show how easy it is to stay accessible. We are in
an endless loop where small companies claim they don't need to care
about accessibility because none of the big ones really do it and big
companies don't bother because their products are just too big,
complex or involve too many parties to be changed.

Here are my ideas on the subject of making content dependent on JavaScript

- JavaScript is a clever tool, you can apply it and harvest the
benefits without relying on it and making it impossible to use the
product for people without it. It is called unobtrusive JavaScript and
is a lot of fun to use and explore
- A big percentage of Web Developers realised the benefits separating
structure and presentation give you, separating behaviour from
structure is the next logical step and offers  as many benefits
- Reaching people with what you have to offer is a great thing. The
easier it is to reach, the more likely it is you reach more people.

YMMV, replies offlist please.

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