[thelist] Open source project management tools - any recommendations?

Megan Holbrook meganwh at wi.rr.com
Mon May 23 05:23:09 CDT 2005

Dave Williamson wrote:

> I'm looking at using an Open Source web-based project management tool to
> manage my team's print and design work. Can any one suggest a good product?
> So far I've had a quick look at dotProject (http://www.dotproject.net/)
> which looks good.
> I'll be running it on a Windows network but be happy to install PHp and
> MySQL for the right product. 

Actually, dotproject does look pretty good. I've been looking for the 
right web-based project management tool for a while, and this looked 
fairly user-friendly (after all, what project manager *wouldn't* want to 
drop kick MS Project out a window...). I'd be interested in hearing 
about your experiences in installing in on a Windows network, since the 
site claims on its System Requirements page that IIS is not a fully 
supported environment. If we did use it, we'd be installing it on IIS as 


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