[thelist] PHP output in PDF. Possible?

Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Mon May 23 07:10:25 CDT 2005

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> From: Murat Tutumlu
> Sent: Monday, May 23, 2005 4:31 AM
> I found some PHP scripts which converts Mysql tables
> to PDF document, HTML codes to PDF document but not
> PHP output to PDF.

> I don't know.. maybe my way of thinking is wrong.. 
> any help?


Possible solution... find someone with a CFMX 7.0 installation who will
allow you to pass to CFMX--in whatever manner you have available--the final
HTML and let them pass back to you a PDF file using the cfdocument tag.
This may add a bunch of overhead and latency, but it may get the job done.  

If such a person and installation is unavailable, grab yourself one of those
cheap shared hosting accounts that are available all over the place.
Typical price... less than $20/month.  Google "CFMX 7.0 hosting"

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