[thelist] remote trigger "user browser or user session"

Jeroen Wijers info at internetvraagbaak.nl
Mon May 23 09:43:05 CDT 2005


In short:
We have a chatsite.
Users can chat ;-) within a Applet.  The applet is from Realchat.
The realchat server we have too IS able to have a users chatroom changed on 
demand by a Roomowner....
BUT , and this is a satback for us, ONLY for on the lfy created rooms where 
users misbehave.
In such room a RoomOwner, simple definition in the applet's PARAM's kan kick 
somenone with the result
that someone goes to a pre defined BADUSERS room.

Problem we have is that there will be NO on the fly created rooms for we 
limit all acces to the chatrooms/server
with our own Login/Member system....
In that Membersystem people can go to different rooms, and there opens a 
page with the applet and some other things.
One of these things is a list menu where all rooms accessable by that user 
are and  with which a user can change from room
to room.  Where a user is knows the chatserver..BUT again.. we have it also 
stored in a session variable.
SO we can do a "list" for instance: list all users that are in room id 13.
When someone changes the room we close that session .....
WE have a cron running that checks on the Chatserver itself in case a 
session is not closed for user name XXX but
the chatserver says it is closed...  Just to make sure a user does not get 
stuck in the chatsite for he or she can be logged in
with more than 1 profile etc.....  Logged in with profile1 means you cannot 
enter chatroom Y with profile2

Sorry for all this.. i will get to the point:
IS it possible to trigger remotely...( on an other Administration page... 
(( we have a list of online! users with already specific actions to it.. 
like Banning completely from the site etc....or send them a message... or an 
SO the the user is changed rooms just like he can do himself by using the 
menu that is in the chatpage.

ANOTHER way might be to trigger  in the same way a layer in that particular 
users browser .... a layer where we can put our fine message in :)

Thanks a lot..... hope i gave an idea of the question...


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