[thelist] Re: Deleting files in folder

James Hardy evolt at weeb.biz
Mon May 23 10:48:39 CDT 2005

Sam Carter wrote:

> Forgot to mention - Windows 2003 server.
> Sam Carter wrote:
>> Looking for an "easy" automated way to delete files in a folder that 
>> are more than 3 weeks old.
>> Suggestions appreciated.
Why not use wsh, vbscript and the scripting.filesystemobject - should 
all be available on a standard win2k3 install

something like (WARNING!!! not tested!!!):

set objFso=createObject("scripting.filesystemobject")
folder = "c:\thisFolder" 'or whatever - you could even use prompt() to 
enter it in each time
set objFolder = fso.getFolder(folder)
for each file in objFolder
    if dateDiff("d", file.dateCreated, now) > 21 then file.delete
set objfolder=nothing
set objFSO=nothing

There is also a file.dateLastModified property if that is more appropriate

James Hardy

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