[thelist] Section 508 Screensaver

Chris Hayes chris at lwcdial.net
Mon May 23 19:29:25 CDT 2005

> So a section 508 compliant screensaver does not watch for mouse and
> keyboard but user input in general.

The user would surely need to be using a compliant OS, not much point in 
closing the screensaver if you're then left out in the cold.  Wouldn't this 
OS tie in whatever is used to control it, say voice,  to a mouse click...  I 
think you say "click" or similar.

Not that I have any experience.

What I do think you need to do is to make it clear to all that it is a 
"screensaver".  All visual information should be as clear as possible to 
poorly sighted people and all relevent imagery has an alternative 
description that can be screen read and instructions given on how to break 
out of the screensaver.

It's something we we perceive as a no-brainer, but that wouldn't be the case 
for everyone, necessarily.

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