[thelist] ie image display bug?

kris burford kris at midtempo.net
Tue May 24 04:18:03 CDT 2005


i've a cms that's not showing any images in the body content using 
internet explorer whereas firefox/safari shows them fine.

see: http://www.bigchill.net/story.html?id=1248

in internet explorer i can "save as" and they're there, "view 
properties" shows all the relevent info and if i refresh the page, i can 
see the images appearing for a second, then they're gone.

i've tried altering display, visibility and z-index, all to no avail. 
i've also looked at the peekaboo bug and various other ie css issues 
(but can't spot anything obvious i've done that could trigger this)

the markup is valid  XHTML transitional and there are no issues with the 
css that i can see.



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