[thelist] setInterval in class method

Jan Guichelaar [artmiks] jan at artmiks.nl
Thu May 26 02:26:13 CDT 2005

I found the solution
I lost scope when i called the setInterval function (this excists 
outside of the class, but is a global function)

i had to pass 'this' to the grow function,

growTimer = setInterval(grow, 500, this);

grow(objRef) {


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ben morrison wrote:

>>    * start growing this part
>>    */
>>    private function startGrow():Void {
>>        trace("start grow branch");
>>        grow(); // this reaches the registerNode method fine
>>        growTimer = setInterval(grow, 500); // this doesnt work
>>    }
>It would help thelist if you explained that this was a flash problem.
>I havent used flash for a while but all I can suggest is that maybe
>growTimer needs to be declared as a function..

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