[thelist] 508 Compliant Screensavers

Mike Hopkins ironmike at inav.net
Fri May 27 15:03:25 CDT 2005

> but if a person is totally blind, they cannot see that there is a
> unless someone tells them, nor when it has been removed or if there is a
> That is why on a web page text is so important for text readers to read.
> 1. I'm wondering if text readers such as JAWS can tell the user that there
> is a screen and when it has been removed >
> 2.  Can screen savers include sounds?

I am generally ignorant of JAWS, but screensavers can play sounds (the fish
bubble, don't they), and they can add sounds to the windows sound list in
control panel.

I'll bet (know!) a screensaver designed for a totally sightless user could
send a
signal to a Braille output device to indicate when the screensaver was
The monitor might still be needed for colleagues, though.

Maybe everyone concerned with this problem should review the options
by MS's AccessabilityOptions.

Just adding to the confussion...
Mike Hopkins

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