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Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
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> Non-pixel-perfect design works on more browsers than an image- or
> Flash-based one ever will, thus a higher percentage of the target
> market, thus better marketing.


Generalizations such as this are really scary.  I've seen many table/image
based sites that work on more browsers, with more consistent results, than
pure CSS/tableless designs.  In fact, I can't even begin to tell you how
many pure CSS sites seem to break, or at least look crappy, when font sizes
are too big or too small.

For small projects, my train of though goes something like this:

If there's not a lot of margin and the designer and/or owner wants pixel
perfect and they know the understand the loss of search engine
placement/friendliness (which is what most businesses care about, anyways),
then I say cut the losses and give them what they want.  Make the few bucks
and move on.

If it's a LARGE PROJECT, then I try a bit harder to convince them.  In the
end, time is still money, and it's not MY SITE, so I give them what they

If you don't feel put to bending to the will of the designer, then I dump
the project... there's no reason to waste my time or their time.

If I'm SUB-CONTRACTING for another development firm, then I generally bend
to the will of the project manager earlier than I would to the will of the
designer if I was PM'ing the project.

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