[thelist] pixel perfect requirements and web standards

dwain at alforddesigngroup.com dwain at alforddesigngroup.com
Mon Jun 6 12:53:43 CDT 2005

chris wrote:
> flash is actually more accessible

not for me, i don't use the plugin, so if you serve me a flash site, i'm 
outta there.


> If you build mostly standards-based websites, how do you handle
> pixel-perfect requirements? 
> what are your opinions regarding flash vs. image-based/table-based
> design?
> How do you communicate with a designer who truly does not understand the
> difference between a browser that renders a website and the photoshop
> document?

you could tell the guy lay it out in id, convert to html and you could 
upload it for him; then it's his baby, for better or worse.


Dwain Alford
dwain at alforddesigngroup.com

"The artist may use any form which his expression demands;
for his inner impulse must find suitable expression."
Wassily Kandinsky, "Concerning The Spiritual In Art"

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