[thelist] asp.net NTLM authentication fails on postback?

Scott Dexter dexilalolai at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 6 15:00:35 CDT 2005

I'm trying to hunt this down, and I'm having a hard time figuring it
out. Not knowing what's changed on the server or in ActiveDirectory
doesn't help, but anyway, here's the scenario:

* Intranet, IE6-something, unsure of .NET framework (but finding out)
* NTLM is turned on, and user successfully authenticates and reaches
page (via GET)
* User performs action on the page causing a postback (same page,
POST), and authentication fails.

FWIW, the actions involve sorting a datagrid or an autopostback from
a select list. What's worse, this is one of those, "Worked on Friday
didn't work Monday" bugs. I hate these.

Ideas? Help?


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