[thelist] Preventing default behaviour and event listener

J.J.SOLARI jjsolari at pobox.com
Tue Jun 7 03:50:33 CDT 2005

VOLKAN ÖZÇEL†K 6/06/05 22:54 +0300:

><script type="text/javascript">
>function init() {
>  document.getElementById("MyLink") = MyLink_Click;
>window.onload = init;
>function MyLink_Click(evt) {
>    execInformationalPopup();
>    return false;
>function execInformationalPopup() {
>   var params="whatever",
>   window.open("thepopup.html",params);


I first used successfully method preventDefault for W3C DOM browsers
(and returnValue=false for IE) to disable normal link behaviour as

function init()
  stickEvent(document.getMyElementById( "link" ), "click", popWin);
function popWin( e )
  window.open( some url, some name, some parameters );
  stopDefault( e );

stickEvent() and stopDefault() are both wrapper functions
implementing W3C DOM and IE DOM respective methods and properties.

However, I didn't account for Safari v2.0 not implementing
preventDefault :-(

Finally, I took some inspiration from your script and got to an
acceptable compromise.




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