[thelist] asp.net NTLM authentication fails on postback?

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Jun 8 06:45:43 CDT 2005


a) Is this still an issue? Or has it been solved?

b) What do you mean "NTLM is turned on"? Do you mean "Integrated Windows
Authentication" is enabled in IIS Manager (that means both NTLM and
Kerberos), or did you explicitly set the AuthProviders to only support NTLM
(and not Kerberos)?

c) What you say "authentication fails", what do you mean exactly?

d) What are the corresponding website logfile entries? Can you post those


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: I'm trying to hunt this down, and I'm having a hard time figuring it
: out. Not knowing what's changed on the server or in ActiveDirectory
: doesn't help, but anyway, here's the scenario:
: * Intranet, IE6-something, unsure of .NET framework (but finding out)
: * NTLM is turned on, and user successfully authenticates and reaches
: page (via GET)
: * User performs action on the page causing a postback (same page,
: POST), and authentication fails.
: FWIW, the actions involve sorting a datagrid or an autopostback from
: a select list. What's worse, this is one of those, "Worked on Friday
: didn't work Monday" bugs. I hate these.
: Ideas? Help?

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