[thelist] asp.net NTLM authentication fails on postback?

Scott Dexter dexilalolai at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 8 08:05:26 CDT 2005

Hey Ken-

> a) Is this still an issue? Or has it been solved?

Yup, nothing found yet. Getting ready to call MS. Fun eh?

> b) What do you mean "NTLM is turned on"? Do you mean "Integrated

Integrated Windows Auth is turned on; 
    <authentication mode="Windows" /> in the web.config

> c) What you say "authentication fails", what do you mean exactly?

The user is prompted with the login challenge message box, and after
three tries IIS fails the login, user gets a 403

> d) What are the corresponding website logfile entries? Can you post
> those
> please?

don't think I have access to those --will find out, who knows if the
site is even logging)

I'm slowly thinking it's an Active Directory issue, as I've witnessed
someone operate the page successfully. Trying to convince the AD
"people" that this is the case is proving to be an uphill battle.
Gotta love large IT shops :/

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