[thelist] apache alias

Dan McCullough dan.mccullough at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 10:15:23 CDT 2005

I have several image directories that are stored within the bowels of
my website.  The website is Java/JSP running on Tomcat, behind Apache.
 The image directories and file structure (grrr) was created by my
predecessor, so currently the bulk migrations of new code or new
images includes a lengthy upload of files that are unnecessary so I
want to pull out these behemoth image repositories and place them
elsewhere, to achive this I wanted to use Apache alias, rather then
having to find the HARDCODED (grrr) image pathes and manually change
them.  So here is what I have.

Alias /imagerep/ "/usr/local/webimages/imagerep/"
directory exists and has files underneath.

one note the /imagerep directory is not in the web root directory it
is in a subdirectory.  so directory

any thoughts?

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