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Jeff wrote:
> To view a larger image, I can understand the desire to open a new, 
> *smaller*
> window, but to an order form or an external site?  If you're linking to an
> external site and you want to use a new window, do the user a favor and
> don't specify a size or any chrome options.  They'll thank you for leaving
> that stuff untouched.  As to the order form, I don't get that at all.

TYME} So that the user can still see the product page in the bg of the new 
smaller window, if necessary. See http://www.BoomersRentals.com/.  (I did 
have it so the order form window opened side-by-side with product page, 
thereby allowing the user to actually scroll the product page.  Too many 
windows.  See http://www.JuliesRentals.com/.)  This was pretty much a 
freebie site, designed long ago -- before CSS was stable on many in-use 
browsers. And, at the time of inception, hosted without such tools as 
shopping carts readily available.  I will create a nicer solution 
eventually, when I upgrade the site's code, but since it will be for free, 
it has taken a lower priority. ...Both the clients and myself liked the 
simplicity of this order form solution.  To my knowledge, customers don't 
mind either.

TYME} The client does like the pop-up window for order form (preferring that 
to having the page load in the main window), but he did point out that issue 
of pop-up blockers.  He went to create a test order.  Got the confirm() box; 
clicked OK, but nothing happened.  The new window had been blocked by the 
pop-up blocker.  Problem: he didn't even realize that he had any pop-up 
blocker at work.  Since IE now comes with this option default, this issue 
might be true for others.

>> Is there an eloquent way (with and without JS) to still
>> do so, given the prominence of built-in and 3rd party
>> pop-up blockers?
> Without JavaScript?  No, unless you're willing to keep the functionality
> down to *just* a new window without the extra control of sizes, chrome,

TYME} That is fine for the non-JS users.  That is exactly what they would 
get with just the target="_blank" attribute.  But, even that seems to be 
blocked by some pop-up blockers.

> placement, etc.  With JavaScript you not only have the more advance
> capabilities (if popups are allowed), but you also have the ability to
> detect if popups are being blocked or not and give an appropriate response
> to the user.

TYME} That is a start. Haven't yet found this coding solution. (Searched 
"javascript pop-up blocking".)  That would help somewhat, for now.  Suppose 
that I need to just suck it up and recode both of those sites with different 
Order Form solution.  <whine>I'm a filmmaker, dang it!  I'll never get back 
onto my own projects!</whine>

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