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> On Tue, 2005-06-07 at 12:51 -0400, T-- wrote:
>> Greetings, all.
>> I am not "new window" crazy, but I do like to open certain pages (e.g.,
>> larger view image, order form, ext web page) in a new smaller window.
> Do your users like those things opening in a new window, though? This is
> why browsers have a right click menu with "open in new window" as a

T--} For the longest time, I myself did not know abou the "open in new 
window" option on the RIGHT-CLICK menu.   In fact, I find that many users 
(particularly in my clients demographic) do not know about, forget about, or 
at least do not use the RIGHT-CLICK menu at all. [That would be a good site 
survey question.]   ...As a web savvy user, I _do_ like those things opening 
in a new window.   In fact, I open most (perhaps all) non-essential links 
into a new window, especially 3rd party sites linked to the subject page, 
using the RIGHT-CLICK menu.   I do not like the disruption of a new window 
loading into the same one, if I only need some "sidebar" like information. I 
want to continue reading on the current page, while I wait for that 
"sidebar" info.  And, I want that sidebar info, gorrila (no frills) style --  
without the page branding or navigation.   As 50% of web users, I connect 
using dial-up (right now connected at a whopping 26K).  So, I especially am 
adverse to page loads. Just give me a simple pop-up with the enlarged photo, 
thank you.  It seems visually less intrusive to me.  Perhaps it is less a 
preference for high-speed connectors.  But, according to the statistics that 
I have found (within the last month), this is only 1/2 of you.

T--} Again, in the specific instance here, of the Order Form, we (me and 
client) like the pop-up fine.  If I am renting a baby crib, using the 
smaller window Order Form, I can peak at the Product Page in bg to be sure 
of the one that I want.  And, again, when I get time (for free stuff), I 
will work on other options -- perhaps creating an Order Form with thumbnails 
itself, or a shopping cart.  Right now, I have a week's worth of work (at 
least) already invested  into changing web hosts only to be researching and 
changing again because IX Webhosting sucks.

> choice. Just about all of these, I would want opening in the same
> window. On the occasions I would want a new window, I'd want it the same
> size, not any smaller than my current browser window.
> Something to think about.

TYME} Well, you can see that it is all a matter of taste, as I prefer the 

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