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M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Wed Jun 8 15:02:05 CDT 2005

Message from T-- (6/8/2005 02:21 PM)

>>>I am not "new window" crazy, but I do like to open certain pages (e.g.,
>>>larger view image, order form, ext web page) in a new smaller window.
>>Do your users like those things opening in a new window, though? This is
>>why browsers have a right click menu with "open in new window" as a
>T--} For the longest time, I myself did not know abou the "open in new 
>window" option on the RIGHT-CLICK menu.   In fact, I find that many users 
>(particularly in my clients demographic) do not know about, forget about, 
>or at least do not use the RIGHT-CLICK menu at all. [That would be a good 
>site survey question.]   ...As a web savvy user, I _do_ like those things 
>opening in a new window.   In fact, I open most (perhaps all) 
>non-essential links into a new window, especially 3rd party sites linked 
>to the subject page, using the RIGHT-CLICK menu.   I do not like the 
>disruption of a new window loading into the same one, if I only need some 
>"sidebar" like information. I want to continue reading on the current 
>page, while I wait for that "sidebar" info.  And, I want that sidebar 
>info, gorrila (no frills) style --
>without the page branding or navigation.

I _do_ like... I open... I do not like... I want... I want...

Your entire paragraph has been en explanation of what you like, what you do 
not like , and what you want. You. Not "a representative sample of web users".

Not forcing a page to load into a popup window gives users the choice. 
Either to open them in the same window, or not open them. Using commonly 
available browser interface controls.

When you force the popup though, how would the user open the page in the 
same window, if that's what he liked or wanted?

>T--} Again, in the specific instance here, of the Order Form, we (me and 
>client) like the pop-up fine.  If I am renting a baby crib, using the 
>smaller window Order Form, I can peak at the Product Page in bg to be sure 
>of the one that I want.

Honestly I found your order form quite a nuisance. I'd never use it. But 
that's ok cause you've already explained to me that I shouldn't plan 
vacations in that part of the world because I'm not a week-long visitor.

Why was it a nuisance? Because to see an item I had to click to the various 
sections of your product offering, baby items, household items, etc, but 
when I went to order, I was still confronted with a huge order list that I 
*again* had to navigate to find the item I wanted. No intuition at all. Why 
not just present me the entire order form up front and save me the 
in-between crap. I could look at the order form and click each item to see 
the image of it if I wanted. But really, one bicycle looks pretty much like 
another and one beach umbrella gives shade just like any other.

Further, your assertion that "we (me and the client) like..." is 
meaningless. YOU (you and your client) will not be the users of the site. 
Unless your client is renting equipment from himself?

>>choice. Just about all of these, I would want opening in the same
>>window. On the occasions I would want a new window, I'd want it the same
>>size, not any smaller than my current browser window.
>>Something to think about.
>TYME} Well, you can see that it is all a matter of taste, as I prefer the 

Exactly. Which is why you should allow for the option, and not force the 
pop-up on me. I'm quite aware of how to open my own additional windows. 
Since it's such a low-priority freebie why not just stick in a "Press the 
CTRL key while clicking the link to open it in a new window" notice.


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