[thelist] Good WYSIWYG Editor

Bob Haroche spambait at onpointsolutions.com
Thu Jun 9 10:00:12 CDT 2005

Hershel Robinson wrote:

> Anyhow, they are willing now to consider upgrading to something 
> different. Upgrading to the current DreamWeaver is probably more than 
> they want to spend. 

You don't mention why DW 3 isn't working for their basic wysiwyg needs. 
IMHO DW 4 was my favorite version of that software -- it certainly had 
more features and stability than v. 3.  Most of what was added after 
that version I don't use (as I also use CF Studio and Topstyle), so 
those features for my purposes are mainly resource intensive bloat. I 
bet you could find v. 4 on eBay or somewhere similar for little money.

Earlier versions of DW did have problems with ftp, so maybe they just 
need a standalone ftp program. For something very simple and inexpensive 
for synchronizing to the server, they might like ftpsync (www.fileware.com).

Bob Haroche

OnPoint Solutions

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