[thelist] [CSS] Questions on padding and floating box

Minh Lee Goon evolt at goonies.info
Thu Jun 9 14:11:22 CDT 2005

Hi, all.

Please take a look at the page below and help me solve a couple issues 
I'm having with my stylesheet.


1. In the Content layer, FF expands the width of the layer with I add a 
3px padding to the left and right sides. Consequently, it looks out of 
line with the header image. Mousing over the "NEWSLETTER" link will 
highlight the link and connect the two layers, making the 3px difference 
even more obvious. What I'd like it to do is what IE is showing: Padding 
inside the layer, rather than expanding the layer out.

2. I'd also like the Content layer to encompass the Projects box. In FF, 
the box sticks out of the Content layer and I'd like the Content layer 
to be high enough so that the Projects box is inside the Content layer. 
Again, IE is doing this already.

It works just how I want it to in IE, but I'd like the web site to work 
in FF as well. I started the design process with FF in mind, but ran 
into this speed bump.

Please help!


Minh Lee Goon
digerati design studios . com

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