[thelist] group ware

Jeroen Wijers info at internetvraagbaak.nl
Fri Jun 10 06:30:41 CDT 2005

Dear members of this great maillinglist,

I am investigating and looking for a Groupware software package...preferably 
in php-mysql.

First it has to serve as a website --> with cms
Second a place where registered users can share files. Files should be 
listed with a name, description etc. and a download link.
Something like http://www.sxc.hu/   that does it with foto's
Also a per user build in Agenda --> private and public Agenda's so to speak.

Next to that but that is maybe a different question:
a online programm for teachers to allow them to  do calculations of grades 
for students and student "monitoring" .

I am looking on sourceforge, at one of the big projects 
there..EgroupwareEnterprise Collaboration
Maybe some other hints? known programms?



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